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ready Meals

Made locally in UAE, we use fresh seasonal produce to create high quality ready meals at affordable prices. Backed by a diverse team of award winning Chefs and industry leading technology, our products maintain taste, consistency, integrity and safety. All that is required is to simply reheat in a microwave or oven and enjoy. 

Gourmet meat

All of our butchery products are created in our own kitchen by our expert chefs. Made from high protein cuts of meat that are carefully mixed with fresh herbs and spices to create an exciting range of exotic and gourmet flavors. Filler-Free.

Popular meats

Chopped vegetables

The most convenient way to purchase freshest of vegetables is now here. Select from our range of exotic and fresh vegetables – whether it is sliced, diced, cubed, chopped or cut.

Sauces and soups

The perfect sauce can make a meal. Our range of perfectly indulgent soups and sauces is created by our team of world-class chefs and inspired by a diverse selection of international cuisines.

Our Ice Cream Collection

We source the best milk and cream and blend them with real and high quality ingredients. No artificial flavorings.

Freshly baked


Handcrafted baked goods that can instantly brighten your day. Whether it’s a roll, croissant, or a muffin, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouthwatering goods.

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